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Contribute to a truly revolutionary educational environment and help us evolve to a place that no one can fully imagine today.

Production of PPE in Response to COVID-19

The GIX makerspace is currently producing face masks and other personal protective equipment for medical professionals. To learn more about these efforts and make a donation, visit the COVID-19 PPE page.

The Role of Philanthropy

UW and academic partners are providing space and the core faculty resources, but this kind of educational platform and economic driver needs a boost from our corporate and philanthropic partners to thrive. GIX is seeking the following over the next ten years:

Faculty Support:
By enabling GIX to recruit part-time faculty, top thinkers, and entrepreneurs from around the world to share their expertise for a week, month, semester, etc. with our students.

Enabling Technologies:
By providing program leaders with “seed capital” to take advantage of technology, equipment, and intelligence that does not exist today. Distribution of these funds will be overseen by an Advisory Committee.

Student Talent Recruitment:
By providing financial support (scholarships) to attract the best and brightest U.S. students to come study in this exciting, dynamic, and international ecosystem.

Investments for Pre-Seed Funding:
Support to help kick-start promising student projects into potential startups.

GIX needs investment capital to help it evolve to a place that no one can fully imagine today. Just like no one can fully imagine what the next great breakthrough in health, science, or technology will be in the next six months or six years.

Your return on investment will be helping to create a truly revolutionary educational environment – the only one of its kind in the world, where a new kind of cross-cultural collaboration will attract the best minds and the best innovations from around the world to be launched right here in the Puget Sound region.

Interested in contributing? Please email Anthony Robinson, associate director, Consortium and industry partnerships. 

GIX PPE Production

GIX Scholarship Fund

GIX Discretionary Fund