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Make an Impact

Contribute to a truly revolutionary educational environment and help us evolve to a place that no one can fully imagine today.


An investment in the Global Innovation Exchange is an investment that can change the world. Your generosity enables us to build talent that leverages emerging technologies to address local and global challenges.
GIX provides a place where students can bring their love of technology, their aspirations, and their drive to make a difference in the world and learn best practices from experts on the cutting edge of research and implementation. The customized learning experiences we offer prepare them to work across the traditional boundaries of culture and discipline, apply methodologies in diverse contexts, and develop meaningful solutions to some of society’s most challenging problems.

It is because of our donors that GIX can offer this unparalleled interdisciplinary educational experience for our students so that they can make a profound, positive impact through technology innovation. You have control over how your donation is used, and can impact in the area that matters most to you.

GIX Scholarship Fund

By contributing to the GIX Scholarship Fund you are providing essential financial support for UW MSTI students. These need-based scholarships help eliminate any financial boundaries students may face during their time in the MSTI program. These gifts help ensure academic success for those who are at an economic disadvantage.

GIX Prototyping Labs

GIX develops leaders in innovation through project-based graduate degrees, professional learning opportunities, and custom learning programs. The GIX Prototyping Labs provide open access to professional-grade technology with customized learning experiences and opportunities to collaborate. The purpose of this fund is to support nonprofit and outreach activities in the makerspace. Past projects have included the development of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and tools for use in the COVID response and other emergency response efforts, as well as K-12 outreach, and other activities with broader societal impact.


Discretionary Fund

Support GIX by giving a general gift to be utilized in support of critical programs at the director’s discretion to enhance the learning opportunities available within the Steve Ballmer Building. These gifts are important because they are flexible, and they can have immediate impact.


Other Opportunities

Interested in giving a large gift or learning more about other ways to support GIX? Contact Sean Carr, CEO and Executive Director of the Global Innovation Exchange.