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The GIX graduate programs in technology innovation prepare you to lead the development of connected devices and robotic solutions that tackle local and global challenges.

GIX Graduate Degrees

GIX offers two interdisciplinary graduate programs: the 15-month Master of Science in Technology Innovation (MSTI) and the 21-month extended Dual Degree (MSTI combined with a Master of Science in Engineering (Data Science & Information Technology)). GIX graduate programs prepare the next generation of innovators. Students graduate with the technical, design thinking, and entrepreneurial skills to launch their own startup, join a new venture team at a leading company or nonprofit, or advance their academic pursuits.

Master of Science in Technology Innovation (MSTI)

The MSTI is a full-time, 15-month (five-quarter) degree program that integrates three key disciplines: technology, design thinking, and entrepreneurship. Pioneering a project-based learning model, GIX immerses students in the fast-moving, hands-on culture of rapid prototyping, critique, and iteration. Helping you to solve real-world challenges across high-impact fields, we facilitate opportunities for students to collaborate with leading industry and nonprofit partners.

  • Earn a Master of Science in Technology Innovation (60 credits) through the University of Washington
  • Engage in full-time coursework for 15 months at the Steve Ballmer Building in the Spring District, Bellevue
  • Design and build new products with access to cutting-edge, in-house technologies, like 3D printers, laser cutters, AR/VR, and more
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Dual Degree (MSTI + MSEDSIT)

The 21-month GIX Dual Degree integrates two graduate programs; the MSTI and the Master of Science in Engineering (Data Science and Information Technology) (MSE(DSIT)). For the first 15 months, students are focused on completing the MSTI curriculum in Bellevue, while also initiating their research-driven thesis with a Tsinghua faculty advisor. For the final six months, students attend Tsinghua University in Beijing and gain first-hand insights into the rapid economic and social growth in China – one of the largest global tech markets.

  • Earn two graduate degrees (85 credits): the MSTI through the University of Washington and a Master of Science in Engineering (Data Science & Information Technology) (MSE(DSIT)) through Tsinghua University
  • Engage in full-time coursework for 15 months at the Steve Ballmer Building in Bellevue, and spend an additional six months in Beijing
  • Complete a masters thesis that documents your unique research or scholarly contribution to a project
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Every single day at GIX I'm able to use a different part of my brain because I'm doing things with my hands and I'm seeing and interacting with my physical environment. So far, I've been super impressed with the professors. They're so plugged in—they know everything and everyone!

— Angela Sun, current GIX MSTI student

Am I a good candidate for GIX?

We attract innovators, learners, and dreamers from all over the world. In our first student group, we represented over 11 different countries.

Expect to excel in this program if you are:

  • Curious about how people behave and why things are designed the way they are. You spend time critiquing and deconstructing the design and functionality of everyday things and imagine ways to improve them.
  • Self-driven with a demonstrated record of initiating projects, whether that’s by participating in hackathons, or bringing your ideas to life from your garage.
  • A builder and creator. You love to work with your hands and build your ideas from scratch.
  • A risk taker. You’re comfortable not knowing all the answers and willing to invest your time into figuring them out.
  • Growth orientated. You see challenges and failures as opportunities, rather than barriers.
  • Highly collaborative. You genuinely enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds and believe when you work with other people, your work can be better.

Incoming GIX students come from highly diverse backgrounds, some of which include:

Engineering Business Design Computer Science
  • Electrical and Computer
  • Software and hardware
  • Statistics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • UX/UI & HCI
  • Architecture
  • Fine Arts
  • Industrial Design
  • Information Systems Management
  • Information Technology


Find out about the application process, key dates, and prerequisites

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