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Dual Degree: MSTI + MSE(DSIT)

Earn both an MSTI degree from UW and an MSE (Data Science & IT) degree from Tsinghua University learning deeply about technology, design thinking, and entrepreneurship while engaging in a research-driven thesis.

Application Process


Dual Degree Overview

Deepening your knowledge in the development of technology solutions, the Dual Degree integrates the MSTI curriculum with the Master of Science in Engineering (Data Science and Information Technology) from Tsinghua University in China.

Students in the Dual Degree begin their studies  at Tsinghua University in Beijing. They will spend 10 months completing elective coursework and projects with a focus on the China market. Students will also be matched with an advisor who will mentor them in completing an engineering focused thesis.

After a 2-month summer break in which students have the option to take a break or complete an internship, students will then begin the MSTI program in Bellevue, WA, which lasts for 18 months. For more in-depth information about the MSTI program coursework, please visit the MSTI webpage. While completing the MSTI coursework and projects, Dual Degree students will continue writing their thesis and completing their research culminating in a thesis defense in the final quarter of the MSTI program.

What You'll Learn

Offering a first-hand perspective into one of the fastest growing global tech markets, the Dual Degree provides unique opportunities to learn about business, design thinking, and entrepreneurship from a different cultural landscape.

Design Thinking
Design intuitive and elegant technology that solves a clear design problem and fits the needs of its intended user.

Technology Development
Learn the fundamentals for developing end-to-end hardware and software prototypes. Cover topics like managing data and signal processing.

Understand the basics of starting a start up, including team building, marketing, and intellectual property law. Develop the skills and knowledge to successfully bring innovations to the market.

I chose to study the GIX Dual Degree for multiple reasons. I really wanted to explore the opportunities that the University of Washington had to offer, especially in the technical fields like machine learning. I'm also excited to study at Tsinghua University in China. I want to learn more about the influence China will have in the coming years in technology development.

– Padraic Casserly, GIX Dual Degree alumnus

Dual Degree Requirements

To enroll in the Dual Degree MSTI + Master of Science in Engineering (Data Science and Information Technology) program, applicants must apply separately to both University of Washington and Tsinghua University. The application materials and requirements are similar for both universities. This means that most of the work you complete for one application, will also be applicable for the other.

To learn more about how to apply for MSE(DSIT) degree, please go to the Tsinghua University GIX website.

Dual Degree Tuition and Cost Information

The estimated costs for the Dual Degree Program are listed in RMB (Chinese Yuan or Renmibi) below. 

Costs are for estimate purposes only, and may change without notice.  Please contact Tsinghua University directly for the most up to date information.  

Costs for the University of Washington MSTI portion are not included except in the tuition estimate below. For University of Washington living and misc. expenses, please contact the MSTI program directly for details. 

Category By Semester Program Total**
(Tuition at THU is not charged by credit. Instead, it will depend on the length of time you register as a THU student. The typical program time of GIX is 2-3 years.)
16,500 RMB/semester (may fluctuate each year depending on the university policy). 66,000-99,000 RMB

Note: Tsinghua tuition should be paid for the entire program period, including the time at UW (4-6 semesters in total).
Room and Board
(suite style)
12,000 RMB/semester (estimate) 24,000 RMB (University of Washington housing expenses not included)
Basic quote: 400 RMB/semester
联华留学保险网 (
800 RMB
Books, Materials and Miscellaneous
(printing, photos, etc.)
800 RMB (estimate)
Note: book and materials fee will be paid directly to vendors instead of the GIX office.
Food7000 RMB/semester (estimate: cafeteria food on campus is averagely 50 RMB/day.) 14,000 RMB
Total35,900 RMB/semester 104,800-137,800 RMB (for the entire program period of 2-3 years)

** Estimate is based on a typical program duration where a student spends two semesters and one winter vacation at Tsinghua and five quarters away from Tsinghua. 

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