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Delivering Innovation in a Distributed Team

This half-day workshop on March 10 will help you gain critical, actionable tools that will improve your distributed team’s ability to perform, innovate, and collaborate remotely.


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Course Focus

Massive changes to the way people work are prompting us to re-examine how employees build relationships, handle meetings, and produce individual work. Managers of teams that rarely or never meet in person need to adopt new strategies to foster innovation, communication, and creative thinking.

This course is custom built for leaders of teams that must produce innovative new ideas for their products or clients despite the challenges of working in a distributed environment.

In a series of small discussions and exercises hosted virtually, we’ll explore the following concepts, offering specific understanding of how they contribute to innovation and what practices will draw out employee creativity wherever they work:

  • What is Creative Thinking? How does it contribute to innovation in distributed teams?
  • Why do you need “T-shaped” people and “I-shaped” people?
  • How do you encourage people to have “hallway conversations” when hallways don’t connect them?
  • What structures can be used in virtual meetings to encourage innovation?


Lead instructor Jason Preston is a Venture Partner at Alsop-Louie Partners and co-founder of Dent, and has consulted for companies and non-profits such as Microsoft, Malaria No More, and WhereByUs. He is also a part-time lecturer at the University of Washington, where he teaches the concepts and practice of leadership and teamwork. Most companies make the mistake of thinking that culture can be built with happy hours or retreats; but the recipe for good culture is rooted in good communication, and today’s shifting work environment has made an already difficult skill a new high-stakes mystery for most. This course combines lessons from his course and corporate workshops on teamwork with his direct experience founding and running a company that has been partially remote since 2015.


Delivering Innovation in a Distributed Team is a four-hour, half-day course held virtually on Wednesday, March 10, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PST. Register by February 15 to receive an early discount. Email us with any questions.

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