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Project Consulting

The project consulting option at GIX combines education with consulting and ensures that you successfully apply relevant data science tools to your project with the personal support and scaffolding of our instructors. Projects are highly recommended for anyone with a well-articulated dataset or idea.


You have developed your model, you have demonstrated business value, and you have even perhaps created a web application that communicates your work. You’re now ready to take it to the next level. Whether you need help with assimilating software development practices on par with a professional development team, making it more easily distributed and scalable, or with the applied science, our project consulting supports your launch.


Work directly with the instructor in hour-long, one-on-one sessions. Together you will critique code, set milestones, and troubleshoot problem areas with a focus on: continuous integration, version control, unit/integration tests, cloud services, dashboard/frontend, and RESTful APIs. Five sessions are included, with an option to add more, depending on the scope of the project.


Must be taken with at least two other courses in any of Data Analytics, Data Science or Data Engineering tracks.


You will leave with a minimum viable product that will change your day-to-day job in a highly impactful way. Past results have included streamlining a days-long process to just minutes and creating web applications that can be used by operators on the warehouse floor.

How To Register

Interested in project consulting? Contact us to learn more and discuss your idea with the instructor.

Contact Us For Project Consulting
My project has been going swimmingly. It is a really great process that I can do in the background, that cuts down my computation time by unreal margins. Very exciting!

Darby, Silicon Designs

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