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Data Science

This intensive professional learning program is offered as either a short course for executives or a more in-depth course for managers and directors. Both will give you the skills to make informed, data-driven decisions and teach you to understand your own organization better through a deeper grasp of data science, AI, and machine learning.


Learn how to:

Separate Artificial Intelligence reality from hype
Strategically plan a digital transformation
Predict when machine learning will (and won't) work
Understand bias, variance, and bias/variance tradeoffs
Explore data analysis, visualization, and graphing
The course is like a neural network on steroids. Content is deep and wide, but very well explained, and delivered with passion by Ken and the team.

Roman Schafer, VP Digital Operations - ABB (Swiss-Swedish automation company)

DSFM Creates Future-proof Management Strategies

Data Science is becoming a critical skill for every company. In the next 10 years, McKinsey projects that over 70% of firms will adopt at least one type of artificial intelligence, and AI will add $13 trillion to global GDP. As such, the most innovative companies are rapidly developing new capabilities in machine learning and data science.

Taught at the Global Innovation Exchange in Bellevue, Washington, by Kenneth Younge of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Data Science for Managers balances theory and solutions to quickly cover the most-important concepts and models in data science. The course takes advantage of the unique partnership inherent in the GIX academic network, bringing world-class instruction to the Steve Ballmer Building. You will learn in an interactive environment through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, case studies, visualizations, exercises, and applied projects. Network with industry peers while working to collaboratively solve problems.

Most importantly, you will learn to separate AI-reality from AI-hype.

Invest In Your Future

Massive amounts of data are now generated in all areas of business, but a new skillset and mindset are required to transform these raw numbers into real-world, bottom line results.

Rather than simply using data as a reporting tool for what has already happened, learn how find actionable insights that drive your organization to a more successful future.

Data Science for Decision Makers

Specifically organized for time-crunched executives, this course summarizes the core concepts and methods of data science and then explores the strategy of digital transformation through specific examples, case studies, and group discussions.

Data Science for Managers

An in-depth deep dive into the methods, applications, problems, and programming code of building solutions, crafted specifically for for technical managers.

Custom Courses

Contact us to discuss how either course option can be adapted for your company or team’s needs.


Data Science for Managers helps executives, managers, engineers, and other professionals understand when machine learning works, and when it does not. You will learn to spot new opportunities for your company to adopt data-driven models—a proven path for advancing your career.

Prof. Kenneth Younge is an Associate Professor at EPFL, the chair of the Technology and Innovation Strategy Lab, and program director for Data Science for Managers. He has started four companies and worked in the roles of director of development, consultant, CTO, and president.

Professor Younge currently teaches the Master’s course on data science for business, the doctoral course on computational methods for management, the IML course on data science for logistics, and an eMBA course on technology and innovation strategy. His research focuses on computational economics and digital transformation. His doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers collaborate with a wide range of Swiss and US companies on ongoing research projects.


Venue + Registration

Data Science for Managers is held at the Global Innovation Exchange in the  Steve Ballmer Building, in Bellevue, Washington. GIX offers a variety of degrees and learning opportunities in technology innovation.

You will learn in modern classrooms built to foster collaboration and discussion, alongside other business leaders, engineers, managers, and more.

As we navigate the evolving COVID-19 situation, GIX is committed to ensuring that all registrants have a safe, healthy learning experience. All social distancing guidelines will be followed. In the event that registration must be cancelled to abide by state and local policies, all registration costs will be refunded.