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Yujie Zhu

Date: October 22, 2019

What were your professional interests and academic background before joining GIX?

During my undergraduate study, I majored in architecture and music, and had a minor in computer science. After graduation, I worked as a data analyst for one year prior to joining GIX.

What attracted you to the MSTI program?

I was attracted by the interdisciplinary curriculum and hands-on project experience.

Could you share a few things you have learned about working on teams as you have worked on GIX projects?

I enjoy working with people from different academic and cultural backgrounds. It challenges me to think outside the box.

The program is designed to have a diverse cohort, with individuals of different backgrounds bringing their diverse perspectives and skill-sets to play. How has that affected your experience?

I have learned a lot from my peers who are experts in other fields. However, you are also encouraged to take on roles you are not familiar with in a team and learn new skills along the process.

What has surprised you the most about the MSTI or GIX?

The knowledgeable staff and advanced tools at the makerspace.

What learning or experience that you’ve gained do you imagine will be most useful when you re-join the workforce?

Time management and prioritizing tasks.

What have you found most unexpected about learning, working, or living in the US?

Work-life balance is very important.

What’s your favorite pastime or activity to do, now or pre-Covid, with your MSTI cohort?

The weekly bubble tea event during which I socialized with people from faculty, staff, and students, and enjoyed milk tea 🙂