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Graduating with an interdisciplinary foundation in technology, design thinking, and entrepreneurship, GIX alumni are anticipated to create new startups, lead in-house innovation teams, and eventually create new markets and industries. We also expect many industry partners to acqui-hire GIX teams.

Explore some of the accomplishments made by our current student cohort below and watch this space to find out where they go and what they do after graduation.

Blending technology and biology to make life safer, easier to understand

GIX students use biofeedback technology to develop a wearable device that mitigates miscommunication between different languages and cultures.

Read full story here. 

Women's Safety XPRIZE Team Project

GIX students, called Team Saffron, created a wearable sensor device that sends wireless alerts in threatening situations.

Read full story here.

GIX Awarded the Puget Sound Business Journal Innovation Award

The Global Innovation Exchange was awarded the 2018 Innovation Award for the Education category from the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Read the full story here.


I was drawn to GIX’s groundbreaking education approach. After spending years working, I realized that one learns the fastest dealing with real-world challenges. I also believe both universities, who have unparalleled reputations in both countries, have abundant resources and connections that can benefit my future development. I feel GIX inspires students to take risks and think creatively to solve problems with cutting-edge technologies.

— Zoe Zou, GIX student

About GIX

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From smart homes to smart health, GIX graduate degree programs teach you how to design, develop, and launch the connected solutions of the future.