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March 15, 2019

Mourning the loss of Vikram Jandhyala


Dear GIX friends & colleagues, It is with great sadness that we share with you that we have lost our dear colleague and leader Vikram Jandhyala. We are grateful for your support at this time, as we grieve his loss. Please read University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce’s blog post with more information and resources for ( … )

March 04, 2019

Professional Development Opportunities for GIX Graduate Students


GIX offers many ways for students to network, learn from, and collaborate with top entrepreneurs and experts from leading nonprofits, startups, and corporations. Whether integrated into the Master of Science of Technology Innovation (MSTI)/Dual Degree curriculum, or facilitated outside the classroom, opportunities for students to connect with the extended GIX network is a top priority. ( … )

February 28, 2019

GIX Graduates: Where Are They Now?


The interdisciplinary, project-based nature of GIX graduate programs opens the door to a variety of potential career paths, positioning graduates for success in a diverse range of roles and industries. Since GIX’s inaugural graduation last December, we’ve already seen a number of graduates transition into exciting, impactful positions. Some have chosen to work in large-scale ( … )

January 31, 2019

Meet Rutuja Jadhav, Current GIX Dual Degree Student…


What types of learners are suited to GIX programs, and why? GIX Cohort 2 student, Rutuja Jadhav, began her GIX Dual Degree over three months ago, and specifically chose this program for its interdisciplinary curriculum and hands-on approach to learning. With a background in computer science, Jadhav says GIX has already helped her approach problems ( … )

January 15, 2019

Applicant Advice (Part 2 of 2): Test Scores,…


Many of the most frequently asked questions from GIX graduate applicants relate to the requirements for the Dual Degree and standardized test scores. In Part 2 of our Applicant Advice series, we asked our Admissions Committee to provide insights into a few of our important MSTI and Dual Degree requirements – as well as general last-minute ( … )

January 10, 2019

Applicant Advice (Part 1 of 2): Digital Portfolio…


Many of the most frequently asked questions from GIX graduate applicants relate to the digital portfolio and prerequisite coursework requirements. Since the deadline to apply to the GIX MSTI and Dual Degree Programs is January 21st (less than two weeks away!), we asked our Admissions Committee to provide key information and tips that will help ( … )

December 09, 2018

The Global Innovation Exchange Graduates Its First Cohort…


GIX develops innovators who can navigate and lead in a changing landscape Read press coverage here: GeekWire | Seattle Times | Microsoft On the Issues Blog SEATTLE (December 9, 2018) — A little more than a year after the launch of the Global Innovation Exchange — a partnership between the University of Washington, Tsinghua University ( … )

December 06, 2018

Academic Paper by GIX Students Accepted to the…


An academic paper written by a group of students in our first cohort, Yu Yang, Xincheng Li, and Junfeng Xiong, was recently submitted and accepted to the distinguished IEEE UEM (Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics and Mobile Computing) Conference. This achievement marks the first academic paper published by GIX students. The paper, titled Building Towards “Invisible Cloak”: ( … )

December 04, 2018

GIX Students Pursue Roles in Emerging Technologies and…


Graduation for the first cohort of our GIX Master of Science in Technology Innovation (MSTI) and Dual Degree students is just around the corner! This means many of our soon-to-graduate GIX students are focused on finding or creating jobs that match their career goals. Students have begun their employment search and are interviewing with companies ( … )

November 08, 2018

How My Passion for the Environment Led Me…


This week, we’re featuring a guest blog by Peiling Li, a MSTI student who recently joined GIX as one of the 44 Cohort 2 students. Below, Li writes a firsthand account of her academic background, passions, and more recent experiences as a GIX graduate student. She also shares her accomplishments at CoMotion’s Imagine Mobility Ideathon, ( … )

November 06, 2018

GIX Students Win First Prize in the Singapore…


On October 27, a team of GIX Cohort 1 students, including Zoe Zou, Xu Yan, and Chengxi Xia, claimed first prize in the 2018 Singapore Airlines AppChallenge. They won a $5,000 SGD cash reward and a roundtrip flight from the United States to their destination of choice. For the fourth year in a row, the ( … )

October 30, 2018

Chairman of Tsinghua University Council, Madame Chen, visits…


On Saturday Oct 20th, Madame Chen, Chairman of the Tsinghua University Council, visited GIX’s Steve Ballmer Building for the first time since it was completed and officially launched in September 2017. What’s now the three-story, state-of-the-art Ballmer Building – home to one of the largest and most comprehensively equipped makerspaces in the region and populated by ( … )

October 29, 2018

Jim Medalia’s Top Tips for Interviewing and Landing…


Why study at GIX? Whether it’s developing high-impact projects in collaboration with GIX industry and nonprofit partners or hearing exclusive talks from successful CEOs of companies and nonprofits like Accolade and PATH, the value of the GIX graduate student experience goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. In our Beyond the Classroom series, we’re ( … )

October 17, 2018

Steve Ballmer Shares His Views on Leadership and…


At last year’s September launch of the Global Innovation Exchange, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that the new GIX facility would be named the “Steve Ballmer Building” to honor Ballmer’s leadership in driving Microsoft to be a global company during his tenure as CEO. Nadella noted that Ballmer has always been an advocate for business ( … )

October 12, 2018

GIX Staff Member, Marleny Monterrozo, Inaugural Recipient of…


GIX staff member Marleny Monterrozo was announced as one of the two inaugural recipients of the WE Communications academic award. Marleny is a communications and administrative assistant at GIX. Established in honor of Pam Edstrom, a public relations industry pioneer and one of the founders of WE Communications, the academic award is part of a ( … )

September 28, 2018

GIX Welcomes Second Student Cohort


The start of our second school year is an exciting time at GIX. Last week, GIX welcomed 44 new students from diverse backgrounds and around the world into our MSTI and Dual Degree programs. While our current student cohort gears up for a busy last quarter, where most of their time will be spent on ( … )