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GIX Innovation Competition

Advancing technology to improve health, wellness, and the environment while competing for over $20,000 USD in cash and prizes!

The Challenge

You’re invited to create an innovative technological or robotic solution that helps address a problem related to health and wellness or the environment. Your solution can leverage a broad range of technologies including the internet of things, intelligent hardware, low-cost sensors, drones, robotics, computer vision and machine learning algorithms, and cloud computing. For example:

  • Health and wellness solutions might improve people’s ability to make informed healthcare decisions or quality of life
  • Environmental monitoring solutions might provide actionable insight into energy or consumable usage

Judges will select teams to progress to the finals. Each team of finalists will be paired with an academic or industry mentor who will meet weekly with the team to provide feedback and advice in preparation for the final presentation before judges.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Past examples from the MSTI program:

Environmental monitoring: SnapSort (pictured top), an ML-powered camera system, analyzes waste and suggests to the user whether it should be composted, recycled, or put in their home trash.

Health and wellness: Garbo (pictured right), a smart, mobile trashcan, reduces the need for people with limited mobility to physically transport their waste to the street.


1st Place: $10,000 USD
2nd Place: $5,000 USD
3rd Place: $3,000 USD

Honorable Mentions: $1,000 each

The top three teams will also receive Oculus headsets, courtesy of Meta.


I wholeheartedly recommend entering the competition to everyone. It was a pleasure to compete and have this experience.

Guanting Li, 2021 Competition Winner, Team Hydrofarm (pictured)

2023 Winners

Shreya Chopra and Drishti Agarwal were awarded first place in the 2023 GIX Innovation Competition, for their work on an LED light bulb with user-replaceable parts, reducing the need to fully replace a non-functioning bulb when the plastic housing and socket is still fully usable.

“90% of the LED bulb body is made of aluminum and plastic, and only the remaining 10% is the LED bulb and PCB,” said Shreya. “Whenever our bulbs fail, it’s the PCB that needs to be replaced.”

“Our solution is a reusable body with a diffuser, and replaceable LED cartridge. When your bulb fails, you simply replace that part. It doesn’t require any soldering or pressing.”


2022 Winners

Cody Birkland, Amy Swanson, and Lloyd V. Dees of Team Ultropia were awarded first place in the 2022 GIX Innovation for their work on a low-energy laundry technology. Their prototype uses ultrasonic energy to clean and dry clothing, significantly reducing energy consumption and making washer-dryer technology more broadly accessible.

“This will help us implement change in laundry machine accessibility to the 5 billion people who still wash clothes by hand,” said Amy Swanson.

“I’m very impressed with the quality of the presentations,” said Adam Loving of Pioneer Square Labs. “I love the focus and the arc that they’re following from problem to solution.” Team Ultropia has since gone on to win the WSU Business Plan Competition and MIT Climate & Energy Prize.

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About the GIX Innovation Competition

The GIX Innovation Competition aims to spur innovative and inclusive solutions to global challenges. Learn more about previous competitions in connected devices: 2016 | 201720182021 | 2022