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Be a Mentor

Connect with graduate students to help them reach their goals after graduation.

Join our GIX Mentors

If you'd like to share your expertise with the next generation of innovators or learn more about the program, please express your interest by submitting this form.

    About our Mentorship Program


    • What does it mean to be a GIX mentor?

      Through the mentorship program, we strive to facilitate meaningful opportunities for students to connect with faculty and industry experts. Designed for professionals interested in offering perspective, guidance, and insights to the next generation of learners, our mentors are paired with one or more students that have expressed specific interest in their field. We've deliberately designed the mentorship program to be casual. We ask that mentors meet with the students they're connected with at least once. If you'd like to meet again in the future and continue the conversation, you're welcome to but it's not required.

    • How many students will I be matched with?

      We generally match a mentor with no more than two students. If more than two students are a good match for the mentor, we ask the mentor if they are available to take on additional students but it's not required. If you only have the bandwidth to mentor one student, please let us know at before joining the program.

    • How do I sign up to be a mentor?

      You will receive an invitation from Chronus, which is the online platform we use to connect mentors with mentees. The invitation should come from “" Please do not reply to that message directly, but feel free to contact us by emailing or through the Chronus platform at any moment.

    • How do I create my profile and find a mentee?

      Once you sign up on the Chronus platform, please fill our your profile so that we can match you with GIX students that expressed interest in your field. If you are matched with a student, you can start communicating about scheduling a meeting or phone call, depending on your availability and convenience. At the moment, we ask mentors to meet with students on a one-time basis; of course, you are free to stay connected with your mentee and continue the conversation after your meeting, if you wish.

    • I was matched with a mentee, but I realized I don’t have time to engage with a student at the moment. What should I do?

      Please let us know by emailing, and we will put a note on your profile without removing you from the database.

    • My mentee has not replied to my messages, did not show up to the meeting or I have other issues with a student.

      Please contact us by emailing with details as soon as possible.

    • I met with my mentee. What are the next steps?

      Thank you for taking the time to meet with our student! Please take the “Mentorship closure survey for mentor” in the “My Connection” area on Chronus. The survey will help us with feedback on how the connection went.

      You might be connected with a new student in the future. If you are not available for future mentorship opportunities, please let us know by emailing

    • I know some people that would like to be mentors for GIX as well. What should I do?

      Please make an email introduction to us through We will be happy to guide them through the next step